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  • Carob brandy

    Carob brandy

    Carob is mentioned in the Bible as food eaten by St. John the Baptist, and carob fruit is also called “St. John’s beard”. Rogacusa is our most awarded product. 40% alc/vol

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  • Grape brandy

    Grape brandy

    Lozovaca is a brandy produced by destillation of grape must obrained from high quality Dalmatian grapes. It goes exceptionally well with fish dishes, dried fruit and pome fruit. You may also drink it mixed with coffee. 40% alc/vol

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  • Travarica

    Herb brandy

    The oldest and the most renowned brandy of the southern Croatia, made from ten species of autochtonous Dalmatian medicinal herbs (fennel, sage and others). When we say that a brandy is like a medicine, we have travarica in mind. 38% alc/vol

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  • Plum brandy

    Plum brandy

    One of the best known brandies in the region, the pride of Lika and Slavonia, a brandy with almost mythical significance. In the past, no major event could go unaccompanied by sljivovica. 40% alc/vol

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