Company Doci d.o.o. was founded in 1993. primary for national and intenational transport of goods. We own rolling stock with 2 trucks, each has capacity of 3.5 tons. One of them is equiped with loading ramp and manual truck loader for easier and safer loding and offloading of cargo. Dimensions of cargo hold are length: 7.20m, width: 2.5m and height: 2.3m. Cargo space is protected with tarpaulin, and load/discharge is posibble from side or rare side. We offer:
  • transport of parcels, pallets or any other packaging in national or international traffic
  • migration or moving services
  • truck rent with driver
  • delivery of larger pieces of furniture or long cargo from shopping malls
  • in cooperation with our partners we also offer service of transport of even larger parcels (up to 24 tons)

Services of truck transport is available for all legal or physical entities in national or international transport. We also offer services of grouped transport on Italy – Croatia route for very affordable prices.

Old-timer vehicle with driver is also available for rent. It can be used for weddings or some other occasion. It can be used also as tours vehicle for our ecotourism.

Maovice 214,  21236 Vrlika, Croatia
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