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  • Blueberry liqueur

    Blueberry liqueur

    Consumption of tasty blueberries prolongs youth. Blueberries contain more antioxidants than most other fruit species. Blueberry extract increases the longevity of brain cells and reduces the loss of brain cells responsible for learning. 20% alc/vol

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  • Studio Ali (44 of 51)

    Bottle with motive of town

    Production technique: sandblasting and coloring. Bottle contains 0.1l of sour cherry liqueur.

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  • Studio Ali (1 of 2)

    Business gifts

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  • Carob brandy

    Carob brandy

    Carob is mentioned in the Bible as food eaten by St. John the Baptist, and carob fruit is also called “St. John’s beard”. Rogacusa is our most awarded product. 40% alc/vol

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  • Carob liqueur

    Carob liqueur

    In the antiquity, carob seed was used as a measure for gold, one seed equalled one carat of gold (Greek keration = carob seed). This was because, regardless of the seed size and the conditions of its keeping, it always weighs 0.18 grams. Carat is used even today as a measurign unit for gold and […]

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  • Fig liqueur

    Fig liqueur

    A traditional Dalmatian liqueur made from dry figs from sunyy Primosten. Fig is an important fruit on our coast. Figs were usually served to field labourers when they come home in the evening after a long day’s hard work. 22% alc/vol

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  • Grape brandy

    Grape brandy

    Lozovaca is a brandy produced by destillation of grape must obrained from high quality Dalmatian grapes. It goes exceptionally well with fish dishes, dried fruit and pome fruit. You may also drink it mixed with coffee. 40% alc/vol

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  • Travarica

    Herb brandy

    The oldest and the most renowned brandy of the southern Croatia, made from ten species of autochtonous Dalmatian medicinal herbs (fennel, sage and others). When we say that a brandy is like a medicine, we have travarica in mind. 38% alc/vol

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  • Honey liqueur

    Honey liqueur

    Honey, the main ingredient in this liquer, has ant oxidative properties, and is best suited to fight exhaustion, irritabillity and insomia. Medica is one of the most deceptive liqueurs – sweet, soft, slides smoothly and down your throat. Once you start drinkig it, it is difficult to stop. 24% alc/vol

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  • Lemon liqueur

    Lemon liqueur

    A refreshing beverage for summer days. Its main ingredient is lemon, well known as a source of health and beauty. It is also rich in vitamin C that protects cells from aging. Chose it as your medicine and indulge in its exquisite taste. 28% alc/vol

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  • Marasca cherry liqueur

    Marasca cherry liqueur

    This authentic Dalmatian liqueur dates back to the beginning of the sixteenth century. During the first five centuries of its existence it was enjoyed almost exclusively by the elite: world renowned lovers such as Casanova, army leaders such as Napoleon, numerous kings and emperors enjoyed in its taste. It was also served on Titanic during […]

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  • Studio Ali (17 of 51)

    Medicine for good sex

    Production technique: sandblasting and coloring. Bottle contains 0.2l of sour cherry liqueur.

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